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A perfect evening out might mean different things to different people. For some, it could mean a night at the theater, and for others, it could be a night on the town. But for those who crave the flavors and flair of authentic sushi, the perfect evening out can be found in Prairieville, LA, at Geisha Sushi Flair. Geisha Sushi Flair is a family-owned, high-end sushi spot located in the heart of Prairieville. The Nakamura family owns and operates the restaurant, which has provided Prairieville locals with the finest sushi for over two decades. Patrons can enjoy a full menu of classic and innovative sushi combinations that represent the best of Japanese seafaring culture and flavors. For those looking to experience the unique atmosphere of Geisha Sushi Flair truly, the restaurant provides guests with an evening out of Japanese design. Guests are welcomed by an inviting atmosphere with a hinoki entrance and traditional Japanese seating. Learn more here.

The restaurant also features an open sushi bar, private dining rooms, and a patio. As for the menu, Geisha Sushi Flair offers a wide selection of traditional Japanese sushi creations, such as classic hand rolls and spiced sashimi. They also provide a variety of small plates, such as tamagoyaki, kinpira gobo, and agedashi. For those looking for something a bit different, the restaurant serves some unique dishes, such as smoked eel and uni sashimi with ikura and caviar. Patrons will also enjoy the selection of sake offerings, which include a variety of high-end sakes from both domestic and international distilleries. The wine list is equally impressive, offering both red and white types. Geisha Sushi Flair also provides a wide range of traditional Japanese teas and desserts, such as matcha and mochi. Guests can pair their sushi with one of the restaurant’s signature cocktails, such as the Tokyo Sunrise or the Geisha Mule. Learn more about A Perfect Evening Out: Geisha Sushi Flair in Prairieville, LA.